European Day of Languages Poster Competition


To celebrate the European Day of Languages on the 26th September, the French department has decided to get creative!

All girls in the Thirds, Lower Fourth and Upper Fourth have been invited to enter a poster competition which is being run by Aston University to celebrate the EDL.

The girls have to design an A4 poster on theme of ‘Why Study Languages?’

With the number of UK language learners reducing whilst international commerce and travel increase, the aim of the competition is to spread the message about the importance of learning languages.

As an added challenge, the posters must be completed by hand! The girls can use computers as a resource of information, but their final poster must be all their own work. The judges have said that they are looking for originality of illustration as well as accuracy of language.

The girls are completing their posters over the next week. We look forward to seeing their entries and wish them all the best for the competition!

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