French Poetry Competition

On Wednesday 14th November, 11 girls took part in the Anglo-French Society Poetry Competition at the University of Birmingham.

The girls wrote ‘live blogs’ whilst they were at the competition to tell us about the experience:


Alyssa Van den Broeck, L5H: I’m so excited, I’ve never done a poetry reading  competition before, let alone in French! I’m wearing a blue and white striped top with a red flower on my hand and a red beret. Hope it goes ok!

Ayeisha Vaze L5K: There are lots of other schools here which is quite intimidating, but I am excited. I love French and the poem ‘Sous le pont Mirabeau’ is beautiful. Let’s hope I do the poem justice.’

Serena Doshi, U5H: I love French and am excited to participate in this competition again. I think it’s great how much effort everyone has put into learning and performing their poems and dialogues. Hope we do well!


Rachel Barwell and Shree Jemahl, U4S: We prepared for the competition by thoroughly learning our lines and making some props, which included ‘un fromage’ and a mask for ‘le corbeau’. We were really nervous before, but thought it went quite well. 

Anam Jawaid and Laura Temple, U4S: Overall we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. At the moment we are eagerly waiting for the results, let’s see how it goes! 

Dorothy Zhang and Chandan Thind, L4H: It was fun to prepare for this competition and it was a laugh creating the props. Once we had arrived tension was in the air, but we soon made friends. We are really pleased with our performance and happy that we have got through to the finals. Let’s just see what happens next!

Sarah Tayara and Juliette Thomas, L4E: When we were told that there would be the opportunity for us to take part in a French Poetry Competition we jumped at the chance! When it got to our turn we went into the judging room, recited the poem and we could have wished it to go better! It’s Sarah’s birthday today so we’re hoping for a bit of birthday luck!


Madame Marquette and Miss Dyke: We are extremely proud of all our girls for taking part in this competition and performing so wonderfully! Congratulations to Dorothy & Chandan and Rachel & Shree and who got through to the finals and an even bigger congratulations to Juliette & Sarah who came in third place. What a fantastic French afternoon! 

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  1. R.LaurentNovember 16, 2012 at 8:39 pm #

    Un énorme BRAVO à toutes les filles qui ont participé à la compétition. Je suis fière de vous!
    Toutes mes félications à Sarah et Juliette.

    Mme Laurent

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