Linguatrivia Competition


On Monday 18th March all the girls in Year 7 took part in the Linguatrivia competition.

Linguatrivia is an annual competition open to Year 7 students across the United Kingdom. Its purpose is to stimulate interest in learning French and to identify and reward achievement on the part of students.

Some lesson and homework time was spent preparing for the competition – learning about famous French people and places as well as brushing up on vital skills like telling the time in French. The girls quickly learnt that some of the questions were going to be really tough! The aim was not to get everything right, but have a good go at showing what they know.

The girls took the 30 minute test under exam conditions and were asked a range of really challenging questions – all in French of course!

Well done to them all for participating in such a demanding event!

Here is an extract from last year’s competition. How many can you answer?




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