1000 Words Challenge

The KEHS Modern Foreign Languages department is recommending the 1000 Words campaign for all of our students in the Upper Fourth, Lower Fifth and Upper Fifth.

1000 words

 What is the 1000 Words challenge?

The Vocab Express Speak To The Future 1000 Words Challenge for vocabulary learning and has teamed up with Oxford University Press to develop vocabulary lists to enable you to learn the first 1000 words of a new language.

Why should I take part?

Here are some of the reasons you might like to take part:

–          This is a great online tool for someone looking to widen their vocabulary in a foreign language. If you find learning vocabulary a challenge, this could be a better method that suits your learning style.

–          Make it a race! If you have a love of language learning, this challenge is definitely for you. See how quickly you can learn the 1000 words. You could even race a friend or family member.

–          If you’ve got your eye on the GCSE this is a great way to break down the learning of vocabulary. There is an extensive list of vocabulary that you will need to learn for your GCSE exam, so why not get a head start.

–          Or perhaps you’d like to learn 1000 words of a totally new language. As well as French, Spanish, German, Italian and Russian, you can learn 1000 words of Polish, Urdu, Hebrew, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese and Mandarin.

How do I take part?

This challenge is all based online and is completely free. You can work at your own pace. All you have to do is go to the link below, fill in the short registration form, select your language and then you can begin!


Let us know how you get on! We are offering a prize to the first student to complete the 1000 Words Challenge in each language.